Friday, January 30, 2009

Fellow mathematicians...

If you stumble upon this page in the hopes of finding a way to add LaTeX capabilities to your blogger/blogspot posts, today is your lucky day. Well, your lucky day could have been back in March 2007 when wolverineX02 wrote his "LaTeX for blogger" script, but I have added the ability to UNDO the translated LaTeX code. Now if you wish to revise a formula, you don't have to wade through a lot of URL translation codes/rewrite your whole formula.

This script requires Firefox and the greasemonkey extension, both of which I highly recommend.
The only thing different from normal is that math must be enclosed in two dollars signs on each side instead of the one you're used to in your TeX compilers. $$\LaTeX$$ becomes :)


Wolverine said...

Thanks, I haven't the time to continue to maintain it hoppefully you are here ;-) TY

One problem is that I use a server to generate pics of LaTeX formulas, and I am not sure the guy who owns the server will let us use it forever... We probably should find a better way to do it ;-) maybe we could talk to that in the future

Eli said...

How do you get the LaTeX in the middle of the sentence to line up with the text? When I try it it's always offset...

Educ@tor said...

I would like to know which Latex code is autorised in Blogger ?
I tried \begin{tabular} ... \end{tabular} and some things are not working, as \multicolumn and \multirow .
Do you know how to install package we need on Blogger to be able to use these usefull functions as \multicolumn ?
Thank you for your answer.

Mathman said...

@Educ@tor: So, the MimeTeX package hosted on codecogs is what supports all of the rendering, which is completely independent of my script. Blogger does not support any LaTeX now as far as I understand, so this script really is a big hack.

@Eli: I just added a little CSS to my page to offset the images.