Monday, April 12, 2010

SMT solvers hate you

And me, of course. No one is safe from their wrath of awful error messages. Boolector-1.2 was giving me "illformed 'let' or 'flet'" at the very end of my 1200 line file. Very useful. After poking around for 30 minutes or so, I found that it did not like my identifiers with hyphens (they should be underscores). Yices did just fine on the file, by the way. Boolector also does not like (let (?varname (let (... ...) ...)) ...). Nested lets are stupid. Scope is for humans.

On that note, I found that Boolector confuses nested lets with shadowed variables, so if ?x is bound twice, it incorrectly concludes that a nested let was found. Yices' behavior for shadowed variables is in my opinion far worse; it persists the first binding as if the second never happened. You will get models when you do not expect them.

Granted, this format really isn't for humans, but for the SMT solvers themselves. Let researchers munch on some NP-completeness rather than inform users. That said, there is an OCaml implementation of a well-formedness check, but it is admitted to be incomplete. The (faulty) implementations of the language specification are the real specs, so some error handling on the solvers' side is very well justified.

Just a note for some other researchers/engineers out there that run into Boolector giving some really nasty errors. I may edit this post after future interaction with more solvers like CVC3, MathSAT and Z3.

P.S. Yices doesn't care about the hundreds of close parens that are bound to conclude your file while Boolector expects all parens to match (no extra ')'s allowed). The error is the unhelpful "Unexpected EOF" message when they do not match.

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